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About Aquarium

Welcome to Aquarium Connection's premier aquatic retailer, Aquarium. We hope your visit with us is meaningful and useful. We strive to offer the best combination of quality, service and price to aquarium and water garden customers. At Aquarium Connection, our customers’ success is important to us. Our customers find the products they need and get answers to their questions. We provide solutions that work.

Operating one of the southeast’s largest retail outlets in Knoxville Tennessee since 1986, has allowed us to sort through the vast amount of information and “disinformation” the industry has to offer. We provide our customers valuable service and proven techniques that allow them to reach their goals. Our staff is constantly trying the “latest and greatest” and making these products available only when they provide something that benefits our customers.

With a proven track record and a solid company you can count on, the shopping experience is not only one of good pricing but one of helping you find products that work so you don’t buy products for the wrong reasons. Our registered customers get even more savings and valuable information by signing up for our ‘Join & Save’ program. And, best of all, joining is free!

All of our product recommendations are based on testing for reliability and value in our own facilities. Shopping at Aquarium Connection is like having hundreds of aquatic professionals at your fingertips. We have tried to leave virtually no question unanswered.

Visit our retail location at 6410 Papermill Drive in Knoxville Tennessee. Now, browse our site and shop with us because success is your objective.

Thank you and welcome to our store.

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