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June 3, 2020
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Item#: UA190

Flexible LED with 3 Color Side Bar 10” Flexible LED with 3 Color Side Bar 10” Flexible LED with 3 Color Side Bar 10”
Product Name: Flexible LED with 3 Color Side Bar 10”
Category: Lighting*
Subcategory: LED
Manufacturer: Up Aqua
Up Aqua Planted Aquarium Flexible 3-color LED Light 10”

-Designed to clip on nano aquariums

-10” long

-Great for small planted aquarium

-Slim Design with elegance and style

-Flexible arm

-Energy Saving

-Low Heat

-Environmentally friendly

-Long Life

Up Aqua's Planted Aquarium Pro LED 3-color light is designed to clip on to small nano aquariums. At 10" long it is great for small planted aquariums or refugiums. The end caps of this light come in three different colors (red, green, and blue) that can be changed out according to the user's preference.

LED count: 6 x .5 watts

Color Temperature: 8000-10000k

PAR value: 83 @ 6"

Power consumption: 3.3 watts

Input power: 110 volt

Clips to 8mm glass or 5/16"

Product measures 9 11/16" x 1 3/4" x 5/16"

Warranty Info: All lighting shall be covered by a one year limited warranty.
Type Use:
Sugg Price: $29.70
Our Price: $23.99
Special Freight:  



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