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December 3, 2020
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Item#: KE141

Wifi Dongle Wifi Dongle
Product Name: Wifi Dongle
Category: Testing & Controllers*
Subcategory: Controllers & Monitors
Manufacturer: Kessil

Unlock internet connectivity with Kessils new WIFi Dongle

Wireless control solution for 360X lights
Easy install
Sleek design
Smartphone app compatible
Use single WiFi Dongle for multiple lights and tanks

Introducing the Kessil WiFi Dongle a simple, reliable wireless networking
accessory for the best-in-class A360X aquarium LED light. The WiFi Dongle plugs
into the fixture's K-Link port, and gives users the ability to control a wide
array of features through Kessil’s redesigned, intuitive app.

Small & Beautiful
Designed to reflect the elegance it helps illuminate, the compact WiFi Dongle is
imprinted with a delicate coral design that seamlessly integrates into the
aquarium environment.

Ease of Service
By keeping the A360X and its wireless capabilities separate, users can update to
the latest WiFi technology without replacing the entire fixture — saving upgrade
costs & time troubleshooting.

One Signal. Minimal Interference.
Keep your wireless network orderly and free from clutter — used together with
K-Link cables, the WiFi Dongle controls dozens of lights from one signal.

NEW Kessil WiFi App
Access advanced manual controls, sync groups of lights together, and program
custom setting (Acclimation, Lunar Cycle, Weather Effects, etc.) with the
feature-packed Kessil WiFi App.
Type Use:
Sugg Price: $99.00
Our Price: $99.00
Special Freight:  


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