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July 14, 2020
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Item#: SIC321

Supporting Documents
Product Name: Syncra 16 HF 4200gph, 20ft Cord 1-1/2" Inlet & Outlet
Category: Pumps & Flow*
Subcategory: Pumps
Manufacturer: Sicce
Syncra 16.0 -4200 gph

·15.4 shut-off

·190 watts (Power factor .99)

·20ft cord

·Dimensions 16x29.5x17

·1 1/2 make inlet & outlet




·Energy Efficient

·Cool Operation
The Syncra High Flow models, with all the great features of the Syncra line, incorporate new leading edge technologies that move them into a class all their own.
The exclusive technology, combined with the new electronic engineering of the motor, assures optimized performances while maintaining low power consumption and maximum energy efficiency.
The powerful permanent magnet synchronous motors ensures high energy efficiency and reliability for both submersed or external inline applications.
The advanced rotor, ceramic shaft, and bearing are protected behind a filtered differential pressure partition. This partition pumps filtered water over the impeller and shaft thus keeping it cool while protecting it from debris.
The enhanced rotor is outside of this filtered partition and it is protected from damage by the advanced computer board. If the rotor is stopped due to debris, it will attempt to purge itself for 5 attempts and then shut itself off until it is cleaned.
Syncra HF pumps are engineered for a wide range of applications. The Syncra HF pumps optimize flow and energy efficiency as head pressure increases.
Syncra High Flow Pumps are engineered and tested to outperform pumps rated at much higher flow at equal head pressures. Pump flow chart comparisons are available upon request.

·Shuts off if clogged and cannot cleanse itself after 5 attempts

·Special fluid recirculation feature keeps rotor and shaft cool and clean even with back pressure and shutoff

·Pre-filter and gasket seal protects rotor and shaft in a filtered compartment protecting them from wear.

·Energy efficient technology

·High volume output for power usage

·Suitable for wet & dry application

·Cool running

·Can be used in sump

·Suitable for submersible or in-line use

·Complete with pre-chambers and multi-stage hose fitting

·Designed for continuous operation using ceramic bearings and shaft for years of service

·Complete with thermal protection

·Low noise

·Use in horizontal & vertical positions for maximum flexibility

Pond applications:

·3 year warranty

·5 year with online product registration
Length 11.62

Width 6.29

Heighth 6.69
Type Use:
Sugg Price: $599.78
Our Price: $461.99
Special Freight:  



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