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July 21, 2019
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Product Detail

Item#: SIC576
Product Name: EKO Power 12 Pump 3500 gph 110watts 20ft cord
Category: Pumps & Flow*
Subcategory: Pumps
Manufacturer: Sicce
A very powerful range of filters with a large surface area for filtration. The high performance pump inside can be used for surface skimmers, external filters, and also to create water streams. The Eko Power can process solids of up to 12 mm without clogging!

Complete, ready to use. The Eko Power can be used in a vertical or horizontal
working position depending on space. A second inlet can be used for a surface skimmer or air pump. Flow regulation is controlled by by turning the collector ring. High energy efficiency for reduced operating costs. Flexible tubing adapter and threaded female couplings and fittings are included. The Eko Power is easy to clean and maintain.

High quality strainer
Specially designed rotor
Low maintenance
Highly efficient energy saving motor

Dimensions: 14.44" X 10.23" X 5.78"

Eko Power 10.0:
110 W
Head max 11.5 ft

Eko Power 12.0:
130 W
Head max 13 ft

Eko Power 14.0
130 W
Head max 16.4 ft
Type Use:
Sugg Price: $0.00
Our Price: $404.99
Special Freight:  



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