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2. 20-55-gallon Freshwater Shopping List
• 20-55 Gallon Tank -
a home for your fish
see your dealer
• Hood/Lighted Hood -
for containment & brilliant color. A must for live plants.
see your dealer
Box Filter -
filters water & keeps tank clean
Hagen AquaClear Box Filter
• Air Pump/Powerhead -
adds aeration & powers undergravel filter
Aqua Supreme Air Pump
• Airline Tubing -
from undergravel filter or airstones to air pump
Air Line Tubing
• Check Valve -
keeps water from siphoning back to air pump
Hagen Plastic Airline Check Valve
•Gang Valve -
allows division of air flow from pump
Air Flow Adjuster, dual outlet gang valve
• Heater, 100-150 watts -
keeps water temperature stable
Scuba Heater 150W
• Thermometer -
monitors water temperature
Floating Thermometer
• Gravel, 25-60lbs -
helps aquarium filtration, adds decoration & plant substrate
• Chlorine Remover -
prepares tap water for use
AquaLife Complete
Starting Bacteria Culture -
lessens the chance of fish loss in new set ups
Activate Freshwater
• Algae Scrubber -
used for cleaning the glass
Deluxe Cleaning Pad
• Fish Net -
for removing debris & fish from aquarium
Fish Net, small
• Food -
use high quality foods & feed a variety of at least two types
CSPro Flake Food and Vivid Color Flakes, .72oz
• Additional Filtration -
very important in heavily loaded tanks
Whale Cannister Filter
• Gravel Cleaner -
helps make partial water changes & remove debris
Gravel Cleaner
• Ammonia Test Kit -
use regularly to monitor water
Ammonia Test Kit
• Nitrite Test Kit -
used to monitor water
Nitrite Test Kit
• pH Test Kit -
used to monitor water
pH Test Kit
• Glass Cleaner -
used to clean algae in undergravel lift tubes
Mag Float Magnetic Class and Acrylic Cleaners
• Plastic or Live Plants -
give fish places to hide & live plants help water quality
Decorative Plants
• Decorations -
for fish to hide & feel at home
• Aquarium Salt -
a little will benefit most aquarium fish
Aquarium Salt

Purchasing Fish
Begin cycling your tank with AMMO flollowing the instruction on the bottle. Buy only a few inexpensive fish (6-10) at first and make sure they are hardy species. It is not uncommon to lose a few fish in the initial stages. Bacterial additions every time new fish are added will help prevent this. Buy only fish that are treated before they are purchased and are treated in the bag when you purchase them. This is a sign of a quality dealer who cares about the livestock and the customer.

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