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8. Freshwater Disease Treatment
The most common diseases, the fish they affect and recommended treatments are outlined below. It is important to note that more than one medication is listed for each type of problem. If positive results are not seen within the course of the full treatment of one medication, then an alternate medication should be used. go to quarantine setup
go to advanced pathogens

When using any medication, follow all instructions carefully. Diagnosis is made by your best guess and treatment will not always be successful. Responsible attempts should be made, however, to save fish. Heroic attempts should be made to prevent disease.

Be observant. An awareness of healthy behavior and appearance will tip you off much sooner when problems are brewing. Observe fish carefully during treatment. What you learn from one treatment may help you during the next outbreak.

Observations Possible
Causative Agent Fish Most Often Affected Treatment
Gross lesions, open sores,gill hemorrhage, high unexplained loss Overcrowded tank, low oxygen levels, new fish Furunculosis,
Pseudomonas, Salmonidica
Spiny Eels
Tetracycline with Neomycin
Poly Guard

Water change and add
AquaLife Activate Freshwater

High fish losses, no open sores, blood in fins or gills Overcrowding, low oxygen, change in temp, high nitrite Aeromonas septicemia, Aeromonas hydrophila Goldfish,Gouramis
& Cichlids
Kanamycin, Neomycin, Nitrofurazone with Methylene Blue in quarantine
Water change and add
AquaLife Activate Freshwater

Red fins, sandpaper-like abrasions on sides of fish, fin deterioration New fish, overcrowded conditions Bacterial hemorrhagic septicemia, Pseudomonas septicemia Anabantids, Gouramis, Bettas Nitrofurazone, Kanamycin,
Aquarium Salt as conditioner
Water change and add
AquaLife Activate Freshwater

Gray to white lesions on mouth & caudal area, fin deterioration, fish lie on bottom Poor filtration, new fish, lack of minerals Columnaris, Flexibacter Guppies & other
live-bearers, dojo catfish
Kanamycin, Nitrofurazone, Vita Chem
Water change and add
AquaLife Activate Freshwater

Lumps on body, whirling, spinning, discoloring - black pigment on fish Overcrowding, new fish, overfeeding Myxobacterium Goldfish, Tetras Praziquantel with Metronidazole
Water change and add
AquaLife Activate Freshwater

Distended or frayed gills Overcrowding, low oxygen Bacterial gill disease unless larger parasites or scratching are seen All fish Kanamycin, Neomycin
Water change and add
AquaLife Activate Freshwater

Bulging eyes, swollen posterior area Overcrowding, poor filtration, overfeeding Bacterial Kidney Disease, Corneybacterium All fish Erythromycin, Kanaplex, Focus
water change with AquaLife Complete
and AquaLife Activate Freshwater

Unexplained fish losses, no outward signs or symptoms Newly arrived fish Hexamitosis, Octomitus All fish Metronidazole
Water change and add
AquaLife Activate Freshwater

White filmy growths, fin deterioration Newly arrived fish, poor water quality, drop in temperature Bacterial hemorrhagic septicemia Bettas and other Anabantids, & Goldfish Neomycin Sulfate

Grayish threadlike particles hanging from fish, inflamed gills, small red sores Temperature change, warmer weather, new fish Anchorworms,
Lernea, Fish Lice
Goldfish & Livebearers Clout, Praziquantel, Kanaplex, Nitrofurazone

Flat clear disc shaped attachments on fish, inflamed gills, small red sores Temperature change, warmer weather, new fish Fish Lice, Argulus, ectoparasites Goldfish & Livebearers Praziquantel, Cupramin, Paraguard, Polyguard, Metronidazole

Black areas on fins and scales of fish Poor filtration, overfeeding Myxobacterium, Myxobacteriosis Goldfish & African Cichlids Praziquantel, Nitrofurazone as follow up medication

Scales protruding, giving the effect of bloating Poor water quality Viral dropsy, viral septicemia All fish, especially Goldfish Kanamycin, Kanaplex, Focus,

Tiny white spots on fish's body Drop in temperature, high ammonia, high nitrite Ich All fish QuickCure, Coppersafe, Cure, Polyguard, Paraguard

Fuzzy white growths like tufts of cotton Drop in temperature, overfeeding, fish has wounds Fungus, Saprolegnia All fish SulfaPlex, Paraguard, Polyguard,
Neomycin Sulfate

Gray slime or fog on fish, clamped fins, body shimmy Drop in temperature, overcrowding, poor filtration Chilonodella protozoan infestation All fish QuickCure, Cure, Cupramin

Fish stop eating, clamped fins, lumps on body, darkening of fish, fin deterioration Overcrowding, low oxygen, pH shock, new fish Ich Angel fish, Oscars, Discus and some wild caught fish Metronidazole

Bulging eyes, scars or holes in head area Poor water quality and poor nutrition Hexamita Discus, Angels, Cichlids, Some species of catfish Metronidazole, VitaChem FW vitamin supplement, DiscusCode for Discus
Water change and add
AquaLife Activate Freshwater

Abdominal swelling Poor water quality Internal bacterial infection Goldfish, African Cichlids Kanamycin - can be dissolved in water and added to frozen food

Body emaciation, fish eat but loss of weight Newly arrived fish, live food being fed, live snails present in tank Internal worms, round worms, tapeworms All fish Metronidazole, feed Hex Shield medicated food

Scratching gills, gills distended or red, rapid breathing Newly arrived fish, live food being fed, live snails present in tank Gill Flukes, Dactylagyrus, Gyrodactylus All fish QuickCure, Praziquantel, Paraguard, Polyguard

Cuts or wounds on fish not caused by parasites Scraping, aggressive fish in tank Wounds, cuts or abrasions All fish Nitrofurazone

Low grade infection on fins, deteriorating fins Overcrowding, newly arrived fish Mild bacterial or fungal infection Goldfish Aquarium Salt, Polyguard

•• We cannot be responsible for fish loss due to treatments outlined on this site.
We encourage you to buy healthy livestock from reputable dealers, observe fish carefully at regular intervals and test your water frequently for problems.
Prevention is always your first line of defense against disease. ••

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