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May 20, 2018
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Title Hornwort

Tanner Crawford

Last Updated



A lush, fast growing plant to use in a diverse range of planted aquariums.

Hornwort is a fast growing plant that can be used for a diverse range of projects in your aquarium.

The hornwort plant is a staple in ponds but also in the home aquarium. It is notable for being able to be grown as a floating plant. This plant is generally sold anchored with a weight and then planted into the substrate of your aquarium. They require medium to full light.

Hornwort thrives in an aquarium in the 6.0-8.0 pH range and prefer 5-15 KH. The use of CO2, like the Ista Professional CO2 Supply Set (GU321) and tools like the Ista CO2 Diffuser (GU304) are vital to maximize the full growing potential of this fast growing plant. To sustain the Hornworts rapid growth it is necessary to also maintain the nutrients in the tank if CO2 isn't employed through the use of supplements such as Flourish (SC2392) and Flourish Excel (SC6630). These products will allow success in keeping your plants at peak health to use for your fish as a beneficial supply of oxygen and hiding spaces.

Baby fish are able to hide in the thick foliage of bushy pin-like leaves that is a key attribute of the hornwort plant. Egglayers and other breeding types can also benefit from hornwort. The protection that the leavea offer parents as well as fry are unparalleled! Come in today to see the hornwort plant and ask an Aquarius staff member if this plant is right for you!

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