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July 20, 2018
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Title Santa Cruz Water Lily (Victoria cruziana)

Sara Waller

Last Updated



A brief description of the Santa Cruz water lily.


The Santa Cruz water lily is a giant tropical water lily native to Paraguay.  It produces massive lily pads that can reach up to 8 feet across with a 5 to 8 inch tall rim.  These huge pads can support the weight of a small adult.  The pads are a medium green on top and reddish purple underneath.  The stems and undersides of the pads are covered in soft hairlike structures as well as sharp spines.  


the Santa Cruz water lily is a night blooming plant.  It blooms from early to late summer.  The flowers are up to 16 inches across and smell like pineapple.  Each flower lasts for only 2 nights.  They are white on the fist night, turning pink on the second night.

These lilies are fast growing with a 15 to 30 foot spread, making them suitable for large ponds.  They should be placed in full sun and fertilized frequently during the growing season.  Several fertilizer tablets (TWG2714) pressed into the pot every 2 weeks should be sufficient.

When planting these lilies, be sure to use a large pot, such as a lotus pot (HA8906).  Fill the pot with a nutrient rich substrate for aquatic plants (EL128) and cap with a larger particle substrate (AL145) to prevent curious fish from uprooting freshly potted plants.


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