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May 29, 2020
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Title Fahaka Puffer: Tetraodon lineatus

Tanner Crawford

Last Updated



The fahaka puffer is a stunning addition to a large freshwater tank

The fahaka puffer is an active addition to a large freshwater aquarium. This fish requires a large aquarium to satisfy the diet and rapid growth of this fish. Like many freshwater puffers, the fahaka puffer has a beak that needs to be periodically worn down by hard shelled foods.

As the puffer grows into its full size foods like bloodworms (Bloodworms Flat Pack SF8615) and Krill (Krill flat pack (SF8174) can be fed to gain size. As they grow, it is necessary to feed pieces of clam (ON8615) to trim their beaks.


This fish is a great addition to a large tank with other large fish that need lots of proteins for growth. These fish do best as the only puffer in the tank to make sure there are no instances of violence between territorial fish of the same species.

Common Name: Fahaka puffer, Nile Puffer

Scientific Name: Tetraodon lineatus 

Origin: Nile River, Chad, Senegal

Maximum Size: 15”

Temperature: 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit 

pH: 7.0-8.0

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