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16. Saltwater Disease Key
The disease key is dichotomous, which means you are presented with a series of couplets of either yes or no choices. After observing your fish carefully, choose the description at each couplet that most closely describes the condition. Your choice will take you to another set of yes/no descriptions, and so on, until you arrive at a diagnosis of the condition. You can, at any point, return to the last set of choices by clicking the ‘Back to Previous Choice’ button. You may also return to the beginning of the key by clicking the ‘Start at Beginning’ button. Once a diagnosis is determined, you will be given a description of the condition and treatment recommendations, Disease Descriptions & Recommended Treatments.

Since antibiotics and other medications may cause a disruption of biological filtration, treatment is best carried out in a quarantine system, away from the main system. See
Solution 17 - Saltwater Treatment & Quarantine. If treating the display tank is unavoidable, having equipment ready for an emergency water change is recommended. Always keep AquaLife Complete on hand for these critical situations.

Test water frequently during treatment.
See All Test Kits

When using any medication, follow all instructions carefully. Diagnosis is made by your best guess and treatment will not always be successful. Responsible attempts should be made, however, to save fish. Heroic attempts should be made to prevent disease.

Be observant. An awareness of healthy behavior and appearance will tip you off much sooner when problems are brewing. Observe fish carefully during treatment. What you learn from one treatment may help you during the next outbreak.
•• We cannot be responsible for fish loss due to treatments outlined on this site.
We encourage you to buy healthy livestock from reputable dealers, observe fish carefully at regular intervals and test your water frequently for problems.
Prevention is always your first line of defense against disease. ••


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