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Aquarium Connection, together with Tennessee Water Gardens, has developed a comprehensive series of advanced guides for both the beginning and the seasoned water gardener. These handy on-line resources are step-by-step guides from planning and design to accent lighting, and give you helpful hints and problem solving techniques.

Follow the guide in order from 1 to 21 for the water garden of your dreams.

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1. Creating a Water Garden 11. Conditioning Your Pond
  Selecting a Site 12. How Many Plants, Fish and Scavengers?
  Selecting a Liner 13. Understanding the Nitrogen Cycle
  Tips for Pond Builders 14. Controlling Aquatic Pests
2. Designing Your Pond 15. Fish Care
  2a. Edging   15a. The Fish
  2b. Planning a Waterfall   15b. Stocking Capacity
  2c. Determining Liner Size 15c. Common Fish Diseases
3. Installing Your Pond 15d. Medications/Treatments
4. Filtration 16. Water Quality
  4a. Why Filter? 17. The Ultimate Koi Pond
  4b. Types of Filtration 18. Feeding Your Fish
5. Pond Filters 19. Algae Control
6. UV Sterilizers and Green Water 20. Finishing Touches
7. Pumps - Sizing and Choosing Nets
8. Fountain Heads Lighting
9. Plants   Statuary
10. Potting and Propagation   De-Icers
  10a. Potting Containers  21. The Bog Garden
  10b. Potting Specific Plants  
  10c. Fertilizing
  10d. Tropical Lily Care

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