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12. How Many Fish, Plants and Scavengers?
For your garden pond or pool to function well and look pleasing to the eye, you should strive for the proper balance of plants and animals. Plants have considerable impact on both the water surface and under the surface. We recommend the following proportions of plants and animals to help achieve balance throughout the pond and its surface.

To provide adequate shade and reduce the proliferation of algae, 50-60% of the pond surface
should be covered with lilies, floating plants, or floating leaf bog plants.

One bunch, 7-10 stems, per square foot of surface area should be oxygenating or submerged plants.

Scavengers, snails or tadpoles, should be added one per square foot of surface area.

Stock up to 1” of goldfish, fantails and shubunkins or 1/2" of Koi, to 3-5 gallons of water.

Depending on filter and fish load, the total volume of water should be
recirculated and filtered every 1-6 hours.


These animals are very important and should be put into the pond. They help keep the pond free of algae and debris. Stock scavengers 1 per square foot of pond surface area.

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