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19. Algae Control
Although algae is an essential part of the food web in aquatic systems, it can become so abundant that it interferes with the survival of other aquatic plant and animal species. In a natural pond the numbers of algal colonies will eventually become balanced with other members of the pond. In your garden pond, however, measures must frequently be taken to manage its growth.

To prevent green water:
• avoid ground water in pond
• minimize food to fish
• include plenty of plants
• no liquid fertilizer
Problem can be helped with:
• biofilter
• mechanical filter
• UV sterilizer
Water Garden Cleaner_ASF
Microbe-Lift Algaway
• aeration

Algae Control
1) Pond water is opaque green over several months. Causes
• Pond is organically too heavily burdened. Autumn or spring cleaning may be necessary.
• Run-off water from the roof surface drains into pond causing pollution.
• Matrix or garden mold drains into the pond.
• Soil washes into the pond from rainfall.
• Garden fertilizer washes into pond.

Contol Measures
• Immediate measures must be taken. Treat with Jungle Algae Away, do a partial water change and use
AquaLife Complete.
• Condition pond with
AquaLife Water Garden Cleaner_ASF and AquaLife Barley Extract.
• Clean pond and do water change.
• Ground around pond has to be lowered in order to prevent back washing.
• Fertilizing has to be stopped immediately! Do a water change. Add pond conditioner.

2) Pond water is opaque green over several months Causes
• Fish are fed before water temperature is adequate to begin feeding.
• Fish are fed too frequently.
• Submerged and other aquatic plants in the pond may be dead and decayed.

Contol Measures
• Avoid feeding before water temperature is 45°F.
• All food must be eaten within a few minutes.
• Check plants often. Submerged plants are nutrition competitors for algae and produce oxygen. Many healthy submerged plants should be added. Remove dead material.

3) Water is clear but too many thread and hair-like algae are present Causes
• Submerged and other aquatic plants in the pond may be dead and decayed.

Contol Measures
• Submerged plants should be added. Algae can be removed from the water by hand. Long term, remove dead material. Jungle Algae Away should be added to inhibit algae growth.
Microbe-Lift Algaway
Barley Products

4) Foul smelling pond water. Causes
• The water has “turned over”. Too much sunshine and too many nutrients allow the algae to grow rapidly. Plants become choked. If the nutrients are consumed the algae die and rot.
Contol Measures
• 2/3 of the water must be changed. New water must be conditioned with Water Garden Chlorinex and Water Garden Cleaner. More submerged plants should be added. Add carbon to the filtration system.
AquaLife Sludge Cleaner
AquaLife DeChlorit

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