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5. Pond Filters
Aquarium Life Support Systems Pond Beast
This is the ultimate in pond filtration. Designed for ponds up to 6000 gallons, 'the Beast' handles flow rates to 1200gph. Based on the trickle-type filtration principle the unit outperforms closed-type units twice its size. 'The Beast' incorporates mechanical, biological and chemical filtration into a unit that will turn your pond into something to be proud of. It increases the oxygen content in your pond, help with algae problems, increase redox potential, and increase your success with animals and plants. And don't worry about not being around all the time - the Pond Beast has a large surface area in the prefilter section so cleaning is performed less often.  

A worry-free safety overflow prevents the unit from draining your pond. In addition to increased water quality, maintenance, when needed, is performed outside the pond and not on your hands and knees with your shirt sleeves pulled up. Simply remove the lid and clean or replace what you need. And don’t worry about that plastic media - it'll last a lifetime.

Trickle filtration allows oxygen to enter the water while the beneficial Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter organisms rid your pond of ammonia and nitrite. In conventional closed systems, inlet water contains less oxygen than water that returns to the pond. This is because the beneficial bacteria require oxygen to convert these harmful substances. This biological breakdown readily occurs with patented plastic media and trickling like the Pond Beast. If you want the best, order the Pond Beast.

On large, heavily loaded Koi ponds with few or no plants, the Pond Beast's efficiency can be increased by adding
UV Sterilizers and Fluid Bead Filters, like the SICE Green Reset, or additional Pond Beasts. The addition of natural plant filtration will help control unwanted algae and nitrates. Pond Beast AL2800

A pressurized filter is a good choice if, 1) the filter must be installed several feet away from the pond, or 2), the pond keeper wants a good filter that can be cleaned with just the turn of a valve. A pond skimmer or other pre-filter, like the Intake Screen, is recommended with all pressurized pond filters. Many of these filters have a unique auto back-flush feature that makes them easy to clean. The larger the pressurized filter the longer it will go between back-flushings.

Pressurized filters are great for biological and mechanical filtration. They are not as efficient as "open system" trickle filters, like the Pond Beast, for biological filtration. However, in some applications, where filters are harder to hide because of the terrain, they are easy to bury and camouflage in the landscape. For the best of both worlds and the ultimate system for larger ponds, combine these filters with a UV and Pond Beast Trickle Filter. See the
Ultimate Koi Pond for instructions and information.

Green Reset 25 Pressurized Pond Filter with 20w UV for up to 5300gal

Green Reset 40 Pressurized Pond Filter with 20w UV for up to 5300gal

Waterfall Filters were designed for use with a Pond Skimmer. While it is a very effective biological filter, its main feature is providing a natural looking waterfall. The water weir (where the water exits the filter) allows the water to fall naturally. In addition, plant baskets can be placed on top of the biological media creating additional filtration and a natural disguise. Other functions include pond water oxygenation and a stream source. Savio makes just a weir that aids in waterfall construction.

Hiding the tops of waterfall filters and making them look natural is often a concern that requires proper landscaping. Other filters are easier to hide at the top of the water feature but do not spread the water as easily, requiring some tinking and possibly additional plumbing to get the same effect. Making a top pool as illustrated in
Solution 2b will solve this problem without a waterfall filter or weir.
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It is important to remember that a weir, or waterfall filter, must drain into the stream or pond twice its width to prevent loss of water due to splattering. Cleaning these systems is not as easy as a Pond Beast Trickle Filter or down flow filter which accumulates debris on the top of the filter for easier cleaning. All of the units like these on the market are not created equal. The best units, based on quality, feature sets, ease of cleaning, and price, are from Little Giant, Savio, and Hagen. Combining any of these with UV sterilizers increases the efficiency of the units. They may also used along with
Pond Beast Trickle Filters in more advanced applications.

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Skimmers are an efficient, convenient and effective way to create a beautiful water garden. They can be used on any size watergarden or Koi pond. Installed during pond construction or added to an existing pond, the skimmer provides complete pond surface cleaning, removing unwanted grass, leaves, etc. The skimmer can also be connected to a Pond Beast, an external pressurized filter, a UV sterilizer or waterfall filter, for a complete and efficient system. Surface skimmers are slightly more difficult to install than other types of filtration but the better units shown below come with advanced instructions and often installation videos.

More advanced skimmers, like the Savio units, can be fitted with a UV sterilizer directly in the skimmer. Skimmers are good choices for adding as the pre-filter in sophisticated applications, like the
Ultimate Koi Pond. Frequent cleaning is required in wooded areas. Of course the debris is removed from the pond which reduces long term maintenance.

Water level drops due to evaporation or water loss cause ponds to drain quickly. Adding float switches and water top off systems may be mandatory when ponds are left unattended for extended periods.

That being said, skimmers do add to the filtration of ponds. All surface skimmers on the market are not created equal. The best units based on quality, feature sets, and price are from Little Giant, Savio, and Hagen. Combining any of these with UV sterilizers will increase the efficiency of the units. They may also used along with Pond Beast Trickle Filters in more advanced applications.

All the same great features of the Pond Beast but rated up to 2000 gallons. Easily accepts higher flow internal or external pumps up to 500gph for maximum oxygenation.

Addition of the Aquarium Life Support Systems Intake Screen further boosts handling capacity and adds protection for both internal and external pumps.

Easily hidden in landscaping, the durable MiniBeast pond trickle filter is an excellent choice for small to medium sized ponds.
Mini Beast AL2801

Revolutionary design combining UV clarification and biological filtration. Guarranteed crystal clear water at a great price. Easy to replace bulbs are held above the water to improve safety, eliminate scaling, quartz tube replacement and frost damage associated with conventional UV sterilizers.

226 1000 gallons 8 watt AN6875
2000 gallons 8 watt AN7968
3000 gallons 16 watt AN7969

This intake screen is designed to prevent large particles that normally clog a pump from entering the impeller chamber. Approximately 24" long and covered with a special media to increase its effectiveness, the unit is used with external or high gph pumps that can handle large debris. The larger pumps draw smaller particles to a filter like the Pond Beast or other pad-type filters. Unprotected, these large pumps could otherwise run the risk of injuring livestock. This unit requires cleaning only once or twice each season and increases the life of your pump and pond inhabitants.

SICCE Eco Pond Filters
EcoPond Systems are particularly suitable for effective and powerful filtering is required. It keeps the water environment biologically balanced, and its water effects give a touch of originality to whatever pond it is used in. Various water plays are available for the EcoPond system:
Synchronous motors have the following advantages over non-synchronous motors:

• Speed is independent of the load, provided an adequate field current is applied.
• Accurate control in speed and position using open loop controls is possible.
• CE listed
• 2 year warranty
• comes w/ 20ft. cord

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