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8. Fountain Heads
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Fountains add drama and interest to even the smallest watergarden and can be an exquisite centerpiece for a large pond. Lighting lends an enchanting touch to these water features extending the enjoyment of the watergarden far into the evening hours.
In addition to the magical sights and sounds, fountains promote gas exchange by breaking the surface of the water. Water movement also helps reduce nuisance algae populations.
Fish frequently gather and play in the slpash for hours. Whether your taste is simple and elegant or dramatic and bold, we have the fountain head and accessories to meet your need.
Fountain Heads
Fountain heads produce spray in a variety of patterns. The graphic at right illustrates jet, tulip, mushroom, and 2- and 3-tier sprays. Bubblers, bells and swirls are also available. Little Giant and Danner supply a wide variety of popular models for the home watergarden.  

Sicce Pond Pumps with Fountain Heads
Most fountain heads for the home watergarden are constructed of durable plastic and provide years of reliable service. Periodic cleaning to keep jets free of algae and debris ensures an even, regular spray pattern. A small brush is perfect for this job.

Fountains can be powered by submersible or external pumps or they can operated by their own pumps. Diverter valves are designed to direct flow from a main pump to other water features. Extension tubes are used to raise fountain heads above the surface and to adjust the height.

The choice can be made to power water features with an individual pump for each feature or a single, larger pump can be chosen to power all the features in a pond. Sicce Pond Pumps come with fountain heads and are available in sizes for every application.

  Danner Fountain Accessories
Aquabell Fountain Kit is a bell shaped fountain head and includes extension tubes to raise the head above the surface of the water. DA3848
3-Way Diverter Valves for directing flow from the pump to the fountain head are available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" models.
1/2" Diverter Valve DA6134
3/4" Diverter Valve DA7640
1" Diverter Valve DA7641

High Volume Fountain Heads
    Some fountain heads are specially designed for high flow pumps.
Bubbler Fountain Head DA8185 is designed for Danner Pondmaster 9.5, 12, 18 and 24 Pumps


Fountain Tips
  Fountains should be disconnected if the pond will be unattended for long periods. Take care to keep fountain water from splashing outside the pond as this can eventually drain the pond. Wind can also blow the spray outside the pond. Fountains should be disconnected in the winter months.
  Don't allow the water to splash outside the pond - will eventually drain the pond. Wind is a factor. During hottest months of summer fountains will cause water in pon to evaporate more quickly.

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